Suzi Park Leggett For Congress


Suzi Park Leggett was the first Korean American to work for the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  During her thirteen years as Chief of Staff, she came to understand how the Congress works.  This experience can be of great assistance to residents of the 39th Congressional District.

Suzi’s mission, when elected, is to fight to keep Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and Nutrition assistance.  More than 70% of Americans rely on those programs at some point in their lives.  The Congress made a promise with these programs and I will fight to keep that promise.  I am extremely upset about the shootings in our schools.  We must stop Republican leadership from taking money from the gun lobbyists so that we can protect our children.

As a Korean Immigrant American citizen, I know the Real America.  It is good, kind and gentle.  With this spirit we must reach out to help the elderly, DACA and TPS beneficiaries, and assist students with their loans and enact, perhaps, free college education.  I know the operation of Congress from the inside out.  I know exactly how to get things done.  All I need is your support to get me there.  I promise.

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