Suzi Park Leggett For Congress

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Partisan politics is destroying our country at the cost of the poor, the sick and the children.

We do not need legislation that adorns the excessive lifestyle of the one percent of the very wealthy and affluent.  The people’s Congress should not cut, privatize, damage, or weaken our citizens’ Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Retirement, and Nutrition assistance. 

Our Social Security programs are the fundamental security for more than 58 million American seniors. Majority of Medicaid beneficiaries are children.  More than 70% of Americans rely on those programs at some point in our lives, and we are NOT going to let Republican Congress mess with them. This system funded by our paychecks on top of regular taxes.  It should not be linked to the deficit as an excuse to rob us of our hard-earned benefits.

As a Korean immigrant American Citizen, it is my belief that these young people born or raised in our soil must be given the equal opportunity to study and live in this God-given country.  In America, everyone is an immigrant or descendant of immigrants. We must strive to give opportunities to those what we have once been given. It is my mission to push the passing of DACA.

My father and my late husband have ingrained in me it is our duty to always speak out for what is right. From years of experience, I know the operation of the Congress from the inside-out. I know exactly how to get things done.  All I need is your support to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

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